7 Ways To Set Achievable Goals In 2024

A Guide to Setting Achievable Goals We all have dreams and aspirations, but turning those lofty desires into reality can feel overwhelming. The key lies in setting achievable goals. Forget chasing vague notions of “better” or “more”; achievable goals are specific, measurable, and actionable steps that pave the way for lasting success. Set Achievable Goals Meaning In the context of […]

You Can be Single and Still Enjoy

Single and Loving It in Jozi: Confessions of a Free Spirit Ah, the joys of being single in Johannesburg! Jozi life for the unattached is a vibrant tapestry – filled with adventures with friends, weekend braais with the fam, and the complete freedom to explore the city’s dating scene at your own pace. Sure, sometimes it can feel a little […]

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Johannesburg’s Street Smarts

Stay Sharp, Jozi! Top Tips for Street Smarts in Johannesburg Johannesburg, the City of Gold, pulsates with energy and opportunity. But like any major city, staying street smart is essential. Here’s your ultimate guide to navigating Jozi’s streets with confidence: Be Alert and Aware: Safety in Numbers: Tech Tools Can Help: Bonus Tip: Learn a few basic greetings in Zulu […]

Where Can Men Find Support for Mental Health?

Breaking the Silence: Men’s Mental Health Matters in South Africa South Africa is a land of breathtaking beauty, rich history, and incredible resilience. But beneath the surface lies a harsh reality – suicide is the leading cause of unnatural death among young South African men. In 2020, according to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), over 23,000 people […]

Preparing Your South African Home for Autumn

Crisp Breezes and Cozy Delights: Transforming Your South African Home for Autumn A refreshing coolness settles in the air, carrying the sweet scent of ripening grapes. The golden light paints landscapes in fiery hues, and the rhythmic rustle of leaves whispers of change. Autumn has arrived in South Africa, bringing a welcome respite from sun and inviting us to create […]

The Ultimate Guide to Meal Prep

Conquer Cravings and Save Time: Meal Prep Like a Mzansi Master Let’s face it, South Africans are a busy bunch. Between work, family, and that ever-present braai on the weekend, there’s not always time to whip up healthy meals every night. That’s where meal prepping comes in – a lifesaver for anyone looking to eat well and save precious time. […]

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder: Answering Your Questions

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that affects how people process information, interact with others, and learn. It’s a spectrum, meaning symptoms can present themselves in a wide range of ways, and no two individuals with ASD will be exactly alike. Here, we’ll address some commonly asked questions about ASD to shed light on this condition: What are […]