5 Best Places to Visit in Africa for First Timers

5 Best Places to Visit in Africa for First Timers

There is a popular saying that the best things we seek are usually within us and I
find this to be true when looking for atmospheres for relaxation. We often believe
that the best vacation spots in the world are in other countries but Africa. Come
with me and through my eyes, we can travel briefly to the best places to visit in

South Africa

Let’s start in South Africa also referred to as the World in One. This description is
apt because it has so many beautiful destinations that bring the world to your
feet. An example is the Kruger National park. Here you will find Animals of all sorts
lounging in their private wilderness and you get to experience the thrill of nature
without the constraints of your television screen and that is not all. You get to
experience Lake Panic, true to its name, crocodiles and herons in their home.
There are loads of more best places to visit in South Africa and activities if you are
looking to fully explore here.


Rwanda is a best travel destination, and definitely one of the best places to visit in Africa. It is popularly known as the land of a thousand hills. It allows for reconnecting with oneself away from the hustles and
noises of what we are generally used to. You would love to go on the canopy trek
if you think you have an adventurous streak. Perhaps you will find some time to
visit the museum. You will be amazed at how cool it is despite its architecture.
There are so many fun options to look forward to, one of which is the popular
Gorilla walk. You will find a host of other amazing sights and adventurous pots of
delight Here.


The mummy-themed movies did Egypt an injustice when they made it seem like
those monolithic statues were falling all the time. If I was sure I could get away
with it, I would say Egypt was and still is Africa’s best country to live in and
vacation in. As soon as you can, try to see the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa.
Made me wonder if death was an instagrammable art form in prehistoric times.
In Egypt, you will get to see a lot of pyramids and museums and oh please! the
Orange canyon is delightful and would make a nice spot for pictures. You should
visit Egypt when you have a lot of time on your hands as there are so many
historic spots that will amaze you and there is always Naama Bay to rest your eyes
if you feel the experience is overwhelming. You will find other delights right here.

Cape Verde

best places to visit in africa

Take my hand now, let’s see what Cape Verde has in store. It is one of the most
beautiful countries in Africa. Cape Verde is an island, and that means shores and
shores, endless waterlines, beaches and sea turtles. For me, the sea turtles are the
highlights. They are big, beautiful sights of wonder. What else comes to mind?
Beach weddings! Be sure to always have your camera ready for those quick
breathtaking moments that may never come again.


best places to visit in africa

Of course Malawi is among the best places to visit in Africa. Malawi is Africa’s warm heart. Its people are warm and it is the best for when you want to take things slow, bask in pleasures and genuinely take your time. Here
you will get to experience serenity, chaos, Joy, a little bit of shock and delight and
some good food. Malawi is a good place to consider if you are planning to travel
solo and a top destination for weddings in Africa. Malawi has a lot to offer here.

We have all seen blue-lined stairs and walls on almost every Instagram
influencer’s post. That is where we are headed. Morocco!


best places to visit in africa

A mix and match of all the good stuff and unarguably one of the best leisure
destinations to visit in Africa. It is home to everyone’s desire and would appeal to
varied interests. Do the names Marrakesh and Casablanca ring a bell? These are
trending relaxation cities in Morocco that offer luxury and refined cuisine and only
the best of African Hospitality.

Dear reader, what is your first stop? Let me know in the comment section!

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